Really excited to share the last publication of Earth not a globe with Vestoj Magazine @vestojstories !

Vestoj ‘On Doubt’ examines the crippling kind of doubt, and the kind that propels us forward and the fact that we can’t know which is which. When it comes to fashion specifically, we explore who and what we have faith in and why. What keeps us from doubting the system, and if we did, would it crumble? The issue looks at the disillusion that seems so prevalent in the industry now, and the great apprehension about how to best move forward. And, on a smaller scale – the shopping experience. Do I like it? Do I need it? Can I afford it? Is it ‘me’? 
Christina Moon, Candace Jane Opper, Mary Wang, Meher Varma, Philippa Snow, Olivia Lindsay Aylmer, Brando Skyhorse, Renate Stauss, Angelo Flaccavento, Jonathan Michael Square, Aurélie Van de Peer, Merel Lefevere
Irwin Shaw, Kate Chopin
Anja Aronowsky Cronberg
Orfeo Tagiuri, Philippe Braquenier, Jack Latham, Michael Swann, Marton Perlaki, Charles Fréger, Oda Jaune, Gideon Rubin, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Michelangelo Caravaggio, Kata Geibl
Design By
Studio Blanco
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Very nice article about our exhibition currently on view at the BPS22.
Here is the translation of the excerpt about Earth not a globe :
"This reweaving of the fabric of beliefs, facts and fiction can potentially lead to the best as well as the worst: during his residency, Philippe Braquenier documented the community of flat-earthers, those people who are convinced that the Earth is not round and who, via social networks and their pseudo-scientific experiments, try to prove it. The series of photographs on display, as aesthetically appealing as they are "rationally effective", is not without evoking conspiracy theories. But Braquenier's images do more than illustrate a bad discourse: they work magnificently to make us believe in it, exposing our human aspirations in Truths which, for the flat-earthers as for others, are as totalitarian as they are indifferent to the sanctions of reality."
Thank you Benoit Dussart for these kind words. 
I've recently been interviewed by Sophie Beerens for GUP Magazine !
Full talk available with this link.

New interview by Astrid Hulsman for Professionneel Fotografie Magazine.
The full article is available here.
De aarde is rond. Ja, klopt, maar hoe weet je dat zo zeker?
New press from NRC! Full article here
New press from Aesthetica Magazine!
Aesthetica Magazine celebrates it's 100th issue with a special edition. This issue contains writings about the magazine's path to become one of the world’s leading voices in contemporary art, and how it all started in a small northern city in England.
“Flat Earthers interpreteren de wereld op hun eigen manier, met een bepaalde poëzie”
New article and interview by Gallery Viewer, follow that link to see more!
Very nice to be selected as the Artwork of the week by de Volkstrant and accompanied by a great review.
You can read it in dutch here.
De aarde is geen bol, maar een plat vlak omgeven door een dikke muur van ijs. De foto’s van Philippe Braquenier bewijzen het. Of bewijzen ze juist iets anders?
Great article from het Financieel Dagblad by Jeroen Bos.
You can read it in full here.
New article for my exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery in Het Parool.
Follow the link to access it (in dutch)
I had the chance to be interviewed by Clémentine Davin for the september edition of L'Art Même. We talked about my last project and conspirecy theories.
Available in any good belgian and french librairies!
Earth not a globe is in the best-of of Fisheye Magazine. Available on their store and in any good library :)
New publication for 'Palimpsest' in the newspaper Libération.
There is a digital slideshow available here!
New interview on Vice! We talked about the end of the world and survival instinct.
In the context of the global pandemic, sure it was relevant!

In french.
In dutch.
Portrait by Romain Vennekens.
Two assignments (for Traumnovelle and for Aurélie Hachez AHA) are in the last A+ Architecture in Belgium. One picture actually made it to the cover! Thanks and congrats to everyone involved.
New publication beautifuly edited in Fisheye Magazine for 'Earth not a globe'.
You can find it in any good libraries.

First article and interview in russian for Palimpsest!
You can read it (if you can) in the very nice blog Bird in Flight
Many thanks to Olga Bubich! 
New article for my new project in De Standaard Weekblad.
Digital version available here :
First interview about Earth not a globe on Vice France!
First publication of my new project Earth not a globe in Libération. 
Digital portfolio available here.
New interview for Fisheye Magazine during my exhibition at Festival Circulation(s) 
Small review of the book on Gup Magazine.
New interview for L'Observatoire about Palimpsest and Journey to Eurotopie
In French.
I had the occasion to talk with the guys from Vice France. 
Here is a recap (in French).
An image from Palimpsest in the french newspaper Libération.
Many thanks to Laure Troussière. 
How Philippe Braquenier’s work exemplifies Europe’s juxtaposing contrasts.
New interview with The Word magazine, collected by Fiona Holland.
Follow the link!
Palimpsest is featured in the last edition of Blow Magazine
I recently gave an interview to Urbanautica with Nathalie Vissers. You can read that here.
New article on Internazionale

Thank you Wallpaper
Wall Street International talks about my exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery next month. 
Article on Noovo.
New article by Pedro Salmon
So happy to be featured on!
New publication on Aint-Bad Magazine
Palimpsest in De Standaard. 
In the Issue N°4 of Médor Magazine.
In the new edition of the super great Accattone Magazine.